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Recovery Run – December 2, 2007

Today I set out though downtown Vienna, Virginia to do an easy three-mile recovery run. Over the past several weeks, I have been trying to both increase my speed and endurance through tempo runs.

This run is a change of pace for me. I actually got in the car and drove into town to run. The reason for this is three-fold. First, Main Street (or Route 123) is flat and recovery runs should be conducted on a flat course. The reason for this is because recovery runs are what they are: runs to recover from previous difficult workouts. The recovery run is supposed to be a respite from the harder runs we do during training. They are to be meditative, enjoyable, slow, and easy.

Downtown Vienna offers a flat route with lots of stores to look at. Unlike the other routes I normally run, I can loose myself in the scenery while I focus on people who are bustling about and think about my running strategies for the upcoming week, rather that focus on my tight hamstrings, sore calves, and other general fatigue areas.

The second reason I ran in downtown Vienna was for the present I was going to give myself after completing the run. Yes, I parked across the street from Starbucks and while I ran I envisioned the cappuccino I’d buy for myself. Of course, we were out of coffee so I felt completely justified in my desire for a cup of Joe right after my run. It was 40 degrees out this morning!

The last reason I ran in Vienna is unfortunately tied into the constant demands of motherhood and the precious little time I have to do anything as a parent. Yes, running in Vienna is not only flat and near Starbucks (there are actually three Starbucks along the three-mile route I ran today), but it is close to — you guessed it, the supermarket. After I finished my run, I warmed down a little, walked into Starbucks and bought a coffee, and then walked back to my car and drove to the Giant, where I proceeded to shop.

As part of my continued resolution to walk my talk, I packed all my groceries in my canvas bags and carried my wares to the car. I got home exactly when I thought I would – 10:30 AM.



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