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Pre-Run Run

Preparing for your run is even more important than actually running it. Since it’s winter time – planning ahead is crucial – will I run inside or out?

I prefer when the weather is below 40 to run on the treadmill if I am doing a tempo run. Today, that is my goal – to run at a sustained pace about a 1/2 minute to minute faster than my jogging pace of 9 and 1/2 to 10 minutes per mile. As you can see in this photo, merely donning a hat and gloves will not be enough – I need more gear than that and because I hate running with all the “stuff” on, I’ll be training on the treadmill tonight.

Treadmill running can get boring so I chose instead of running on my treadmill at home, to pack up the kids and bring them to Bally Total Fitness where I’ve been a member for many many many years. Since my membership’s only $60/year, I maintain the membership just so that I can bring the kids to the daycare where they have a lot of fun and run with other people beside me. The other people keep me going and the huge screen tvs are an added plus.

Green tip of the day: Nike recycles sneakers. Pack your old ones up and send them off to Nike. See:



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