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Post Run – Hills

By yesterday afternoon, I had a terrible headache. I went home, popped two Tylenol and drank some water. I was furious because if my head continued to pound, I’d opt out of my run.

Fortunately, the headache dulled and I drove off to get the kids and get to the gym. Frustrated that traffic was backed up I was so thankful I remembered to bring snacks for my boys.

After arriving at the gym, I brought the kids to the daycare center. The baby started to cry. Yikes! I did not anticipate this. Would I be able to sneak off? Fortunately, yes, I was able to leave.

I began my run and decided do a proper warm up by walking for five minutes. When I started the run, I remembered that I had to do a hill workout. I set my warmup pace to 9 1/2 minutes per mile and worked my way toward my first incline.

The nice thing about hill climbing is that it works the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. I set the first incline on the treadmill up to 6 and almost died after one minute. I did not realize that I could not sustain the incline for more than a minute or so. I resolved myself to running an incline every five minutes for 90 seconds. I would not put the incline at more than a 3 or 4 because I knew I could not sustain the climb for that long.

I finished the running at an 8:30 pace and ran my four miles in under 36 minutes. I even did a warmdown. What a run. A few months ago, I was lucky to be running steadily at a 10-minute pace but my treadmill training has paid off.

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