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Long Distance Training Run

As a parent, one thing we should all be prepared for are schedule changes. I could not do my scheduled 4-mile run yesterday so this morning, I got up at
6 a.m. and headed for the gym. My goal today was to do my long distance run and then do my recovery run on Saturday instead of Sunday. This would increase my mileage for the week because I missed yesterday’s run.

The first 5 miles were alright but then my ankle started to bother me. I realized after 6.5 miles I needed to stop or I’d injure myself. That is very important – knowing when to stop. I had planned to run 7 miles so cutting myself short with only a 1/2 mile to go was better than risking the injury.
My only other plan was to up my tempo for short stints, which I did, running at a 9 and then 8:30 pace for a short distance or two.

Sean Combs at NYC marathon

The main part of running distance is to try to combine endurance with a little speed. If you need to walk, that’s fine, but try to walk for only a minute or 1 tenth of a mile, before starting up again. To gain fitness, try the run-walk approach. Run for five minutes, walk for one, run for five minutes, walk for run and so on until you reach your desired difference.

Green Tip of the Day: take the metro if you live in a big city. Try to do it once a week if you can schedule it.



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