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Training While Sick – Pushing Through

I am sitting here at my desk with full blown larangytis. I managed to go to a client meeting and squeak out a presentation but now, I am sitting here, feeling ok, not great, but still high from last night’s run.

When ill, runners need to make a choice – rest or run. If you honestly feel you need to be sleeping then listening to your body is the best advice you can give yourself.

For the past week I have felt the chest virus I now have, building in my body. Knowing there was nothing I could to but “take it,” I was prepared to be bed-ridden. I even prepared to accept that I might not even run this week, which is why I did not run on Monday, but yesterday evening I was not congested or even coughing yet (boy was I last night). I went out at 5pm or so and ran 4 miles in about 34 or 35 minutes. That means my average pace was about an 8:40 mile or so. Considering the fact that a few months ago, I could barely finish my mileage in a 9:30 pace consistently, yesterday’s run, despite my being sick, was one of my best ever.

I immediately called my friend and told her the news. With my hoarse voice I told her what I accomplished. Somebody needs to know about your achievements! It makes the whole experience real.

The workout was simple – run 4 miles at a strong pace – I was hoping my strong pace would be about a 9:30-ish mile. Then, according to the work out I decided on, I was to run a strong tempo pace for at least 2-3 minutes and then slow back down.

I managed 4 or 5 of these faster-paced intervals and then suddenly, I found myself almost home and feeling absolutely fantastic. I passed my neighbor and waved her off. I had to call her when I got home to apologize. I did not mean to be rude but I had to finish the run I was on.

Running when sick is possible, but pay attention to your body. I probably would still run today because though I am coughing, I am not congested and I feel pretty good – just under the weather.

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