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Recovering From Illness – Continuing On.

I was very sick after my training run last Tuesday. Despite how great the run was I could feel the virus take over my lungs. I felt as if someone was sitting on my sternum and I was coughing and hacking to the point where I could not talk any more and by Friday, I had to stay home and stay in bed.

When sickness overtakes a runner, we have a choice to try and run but our bodies will usually tell us otherwise. It was not until Sunday when I felt good enough to even attempt a run. I went to the gym and ran my recovery run – the normally-scheduled run for a Sunday.

Scheduling is important when running. Instead of immediately trying to make up for lost time (I missed at least 2 very important workouts), start over again from the beginning of your weekly schedule. Since Sundays are for recovery running, I could not think of a better run for my recovery from illness.

My training run on Sunday was at at a 9:22 – 9:30 min/mile average pace. Considering my average jog pace used to be 10:00 min/mile for me to come back from being sick and jog at almost a minute faster than I did six months ago is real progress. I went to the gym with my girlfriend, who ran next to me while we both ran on treadmills. We stretched and headed to Starbucks – my reward if I get myself out there.

On Monday I covered only 2 miles. Though I did not cover the mileage I desired, I was ok with it. I decided, since I still did not feel up to snuff and that I did not have a lot of time to run on Monday, I would do repeat quarters. Therefore I ran 3 quarter-mile repeats at 8:27 pace while maintaining a 9:22 jogging pace. I did allow myself to walk for .05/mile after each interval to get my breath. My running this week will look as follows, and I will explain why:

Sunday – logged 3 miles
Monday – logged 2 miles but did speedwork
Tuesday – tennis
Wednesday – PM log 4 miles
Thursday AM – log 4 miles
Friday – Tennis
Saturday AM – log 5 miles

The reason I am not doing a long run of 7 miles is because I am still not 100% healthy. This cough I have is taking away from my sleep and rather than risk injury, I will actually do an 8 mile run, but in two parts. When you run twice within a 24 hour period (or most commonly twice in one day), your body has not completely recovered from the first run so when you run the second, you run at the same fatigue level.

Some people may find this bunk but the goal is for me to run at a certain fatigue level in an effort to simulate running an 8-mile run without actually doing all 8 at once.

The benifits for busy parent runners are huge:

  1. The 2 4-mile workouts are more managable time-wise
  2. It will build fitness and reduce injury – this only 8 miles. It’s not like I am running 8 miles back to back – but may if I need to fit in a longer run of this nature later in my training.
  3. Since I am still sick this will be easier on my body (that’s what I think at least)

Going back to #3. Mental aptitude is a critical part of running. If this is what I need to do to survive this week, that’s what is going to happen. This is how I will get through this week AND log 18 miles!

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