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Darn This Cough!

Read on as I am covering two days in this post!

Wednesday – December 19
I officially signed up for the Sarasota Half-Marathon and bought my tickets to Florida. I let my Mother-in-Law know I was coming and was psyched that I found my flight to FLA cost $60 cheaper than when I had originally had tried to book the flight.

I also ran another amazing run. I got home, jumped right into my running clothes, grabbed the Ipod nano and off I went. I ran my four-mile route in 32 minutes! Something was wrong. I am running this route too quickly for what I’ve trained for. That can only mean one thing – the route is shorter than I think!

After I finished the run and stretched I noticed how sore I was. Soreness = fatigue. With this chronic cough I’ve had, I have not been able to sleep at all. Despite take Robitussen, Niquel and even a slug of my neighbor’s Tylenol with Codine, I have not slept well in days and it was catching up with me.

Because I get the kids in the evening, I got in the car and drove the four-mile route (which is on the way to daycare) I normally run only to notice with HORROR that because I cut over one street earlier that my route was only 3.6 miles. Well, at least I am running those 3.6 miles at 9 mile pace but I was furious. Now, in order for that route to be 4 miles I actually have to change the route to run a less-desireable direction. Wonderful.

Thursday – December 20
So today I was supposed to get up and crank out another 4 miles. Well make that 4.4 miles since my 4 mile route is apparently only 3.6.

Here’s the thing – I woke up this morning I felt like hell. I spent another night coughing for hours. Despite this, I willingly went to the gym.

Well here’s a big hint, if you turn on the treadmill and have trouble turning up the speed to a slow jog – it’s time to rest. I chugged out a very slow mile before stopping the treadmill and walking begrudgingly, over to the stretching area. There’d be no running for me today.

I stretched thoroughly and did some ab and upper arm exercise. At least I did that. I called the doctor and told her this cough had been around for two weeks. She then prescribed antibiotics.

So this week will not turn out as I had wished but here is the good thing. I am signing off momentarily to go to the CVS to get my antibiotic. Next week is my week off of work between Christmas and the New Year. I will be able to get back on track then.

Sometimes, the plans do go as how one would like, but one must move on.

Today’s environmental post – for communicaions professionals who work for Non-profits, consider using Greenmedia Toolshed for your press and media needs. See the links on this blog to get to their Web site. I have been affiliated with them for years and you cannot do better than Greenmedia Toolshed. Tell Yvonne Archer and Bobbi Russell I sent you.



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