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Ringing In the New Year

My sister and I (I'm on left)Thanks for being patient while I moved from Blogger to WordPress.  I am considering staying here but we’ll see. A lot depends on formatting and other options but hey, let’s just see how this goes! 

It’s about 20 minutes until 2008. I have just opened an account on WordPress to check that site out….don’t know if I will stay but I’ll check it out. 
Anyway, this week was very successful. My mileage this week went as as follows:
Monday – 4 miles
Wednesday – 3+ miles
Friday – 8.4 miles
Total: about 16 miles.
Good enough for me. I did not run Saturday because I was in New York City visiting friends and family. Sunday was a travel day and today, Monday, I played tennis so tomorrow I start out on a new training minimum distance.
Until now, my training runs have been 4 miles. Starting tomorrow, they step up to 5 miles. This will allow me to increase endurance without increasing my mileage too much. I will not run a long distance this weekend. My goal is three 5-mile runs with a potential warmdown run on Sunday.
I have a pull or something on my left hamstring and I need to figure out what that is all about. It’s tight and painful. More on that later.
I’ve been a little slow to write this week because I have been on the road. Next week, we step it up with more training tips. 
Green tip:  don’t print. read onscreen.


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