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Bad Fashion, Great Running

Do you want to look like this when you run? Then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to bring long pants with you when you go to the gym.

It’s about 30 degrees outside this week, so I went to Bally’s (my gym is Bally Total Fitness), with both kids in tow and promised the older one, Matt, that he’d get a chocolate shake at Mc Donald’s if he did not complain about going to the gym.
You don’t want to run
like this! 

 I get there, and realize I have no sports socks. I thank the Lord above that I brought my running pants because I was not about to run in shorts and no socks. No, I ran in my stocking socks and my long pants.

Thank the good Lord I did not have to wear this outfit when I went to the gym today. Fortunately, I did have long pants with me, so I ran in the “hip” outfit below. I mean, if I had to I would have run in the shorts and NO socks if I had not brought my long pants, but no way in hell would I have gone to the gym with these babies on. Soccer anyone?

This post is covering Tuesday’s run only. On Saturday, I will recap the 5-mile run on Thursday and Saturday’s run.

On Tuesday, I did some amazing things. I was able to cover 5 miles, but I ran four 1/2 mile “sprints.” I completely amazed myself that one of them was done at 7:47 pace. Five whole minutes at that pace. Though I thought I was going to have a coronary, I actually completed the stint without falling off the treadmill or getting out of breath. My conditioning these days is amazing. I did a full walking warm up for 5 minutes, then jogged for 5 minutes and then started running at a 9:30 pace or faster. Once I had run 2 miles, I started in on the 5 minutes runs (which actually covered more than a 1/2 mile). As I said, I completed my first 5-minute interval at a 7:47 pace. I then did the next one starting at 8:20 and getting faster each minute until I hit the 7:47 pace again. Third one was the same but with a twist – I ran one of stint of the 5-minute run at a 7:30 pace.

I finished up the five miles and walked a warm down. I gotta say, it was one of my better runs and good for me.

Green tip for today is green news:  A win for whales.



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