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peach tree 10K

Peach Tree Road Race

There are 55,000 people who are scrambling around trying to get registered for the Peach Tree 10K. For some reason, this race attracts a LOT of people. Yesterday, in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgians got first dibs on the race registration when the newspaper printed the registration form, which, for those of us thinking we can register and pay online – it’s a no-can-do.

The Constitution’s pretty smart to have worked out a way that guarantees people will purchase the paper to get a hold of the registration. For we out-of-towners, we have three ways of getting hold of a registration.

1. Mail a #10 SASE to the Atlanta Track Club;

2. Some how buy a Sunday paper if you can find one in your state – hint – Borders in Virginia, at least where I live, does not carry it;

3. Have a friend fax, mail, or scan you a copy.

I am using option 3 since my friend’s mother lives in Atlanta. She’s planning on scanning me a copy AND faxing it just to make sure I get it. Only those of us who mail it in snail mail to the Atlanta Track Club will get a chance at being registered for the race.

And how will you know you are registered? With a confirmation that your check has been cashed – which means you need to find that out for yourself by checking with your bank. No one is going to help you get registered for this race. There is no electronic confirmation or bell that goes off when your registration goes through.

Annoying as that may be, I have wanted to run this race for years so come hell or high water, I will do my best to have my form printed and mailed by tomorrow – that’s if I get it on time from my friend’s mother.

Oh, you want the race Web site? Visit



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