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Road Race Numbers for Sale and One Pissed Off Dad

Well, I thought I had seen everything, when I read an article in the Running Times written by a runner who ran the race back in 2003. Apparently before the race, a runner asked him if he had a number for sale.

Believe it or not, if you want to run the Peachtree 10k with the rest of us, you too, can purchase your race number on Ebay.  So if you want to shell out $140, be my guest.

One seller who has four tickets up for grabs noted that there are 54,999 entrants in the race. How this particular person knows that or was even able to get access to four bib numbers beats me, but of the sellers I looked at seem to be from the state of Georgia and probably registered multiple times after getting the Atlanta Journal Consitution on March 15, when the race entry forms were published.

One can also purchase tickets on Craigs list and  I found one seller selling three bib numbers on Craigslist for $150 each.  Oddly enough I found somone on Craigslist LOOKING for four tickets. Gosh, I cannot believe how difficult that must be.

I thought I would only cover the subject of purchasing tickets for this race when I found a story about a father who had run the Peachtree 10K with this daughter every year for the past 10 years. Then, the daughter went off to college, started dating someone, and decided to spend the 4th of July with the boy’s family.

Now I can understand that this would be disappointing but let’s get real here.  Instead of running the race by himself he decided to sell the tickets, much to the chagrin of race coordinators. See the article at




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