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Men, Get Out There And Exercise


Ok, so here it goes. You are married to a couch potato or someone who was once active but who now isn’t.  Or, this describes you. Work, life, kids, got in the way, right?

We’ve all had that excuse.

While I know that exercise is good for everyone I was shocked after reading a press release by a study on exercise and men published in the British Journal of Cancer. The report simply emphasizes that men who exercise often are less likely to die from cancer than those who don’t.

While that statement is not surprising, as I am sure they have the exact same study for women out there, what shocked me was that of the 40,708 men aged between 45 and 79 examined in the study, 3,714 men developed cancer and 1,153 died from the disease during the seven year study period.

So while only 2.8% of the population died, 9% of that same population got cancer in the first place, where 1/3 of them died!  Of course genetics and behavior play a part, but in their findings, the Journal basically states that those men who walked or cycled for at least 30 minutes a day increased their probability of survival by 33 percent.

Get up and go!



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