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Jersey Shore Running Club Race A Success!

The New Jersey Shore Running Club 4-mile Trick or Trot race day was perfect – full sun, temperature, 56 degrees, and a run along the board walk facing the beach in Long Branch, NJ.  No one was going to have a bad day running with the Atlantic Ocean as your back drop. The winner of this race certainly didn’t, Michael Mykytok ran the race in a swift 5.01 pace and finished the race in just barely over 20 minutes.

Amy Rauschman was running her first road race today….but she came prepared, having trained diligently. She also had a good support network. Family and friends joined her at the race and Team Amy had plenty to cheer about.

Amy was nervous but that was to be expected.  I still get nervous after all these years, but when you stand on the starting line with a lot of other individuals many of whom may be running their first race too, there a comfort in that and I hope there was some for Amy.  As over 300 people stood on the starting line, we could not help but marvel at the people who dressed up in costumes.  Everyone from Spiderman to the local cross dresser was there, as was a bride, an elf, a couple of playboy bunnies (soooo Jersey!), a pumpkin and some other random creatures, making the race a fun and enjoyable event to watch.

What Amy was doing was not only running her first race, but she was testing her training methodology, set by yours truly.  She had followed my race plan and I knew she was prepared – so prepared, that she blew the roof off of my expectations.  Amy ran astounding race on a fast course. She finished her first four-miler in 35:15, a 8:49 mile pace, and finished 177 in a field of 382 runners and walkers. I was so proud of her, as was Team Amy, who came to cheer her on. Thank you to Alex Tietoff for being the Team Amy photographer.

When the gun went off, Amy casually ran by us. Out of instinct, I yelled “pick it up!” Good thing she could not hear me because she would have swatted me for pushing her so soon. Not that she needed my help. She began to push herself as she got into the race.

Amy’s training program was simple but targeted. Amy’s issue was stamina and endurance, so her training program needed to fit her schedule, be easy to understand, with goals that were attainable but which allowed her to become more fit without it being to tiring or stressful.  I wanted her to trainin in such a way that she would not get injured and could recover easily.  With only about 6 to 8 weeks to train, Amy had be willing to increase her distance about a mile a week – so she could finish the four miles without it being too difficult.   I started her out with a run/walk program that worked well. By two weeks before the race she could run three to four miles without stopping; she even did a 6 mile run a week before the race!

Amy was actually very effective at training herself. She didn’t just jog her workouts, because you don’t just jog through your workouts and run a sub 9-minute mile your first 4-miler. Amy pushed herself, increased her stamina, and lost about 6 pounds….which makes her the only person I know who can eat a whole bag of Twix bars and lose weight. As Napolean Dynomite would say…”Lucky!”

Congratulations Amy to a race well run. May you have many more years of running and racing.



One thought on “Jersey Shore Running Club Race A Success!

  1. Nice coverage, Alix. Yay Amy!

    Posted by Alex Tiethof | October 28, 2008, 10:54 am

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