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Supermoms, Keep Running

For the past few weeks, work has been hell, but who am I to complain? At least I still have a job.  Now after having worked several weeks of 12-hours I have not been running as much  but despit this I am actually stronger than ever.

The day before Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciatis, which I have written about before.  It was also discovered that I had a mild tear in my hamstring. What is with that hamstring!  Then again, that’s why this blog is called tight hams. I have one and it and I are constantly at war.

On Thanksgiving, I went for a run but did not do the Turkey Trot for SOME like I had talked about in my last post.   I was still trying to nurse my heel and hamstring and figured a race in the morning cold was something I was not up for. Besides, I was exhausted from the constant 12-hour days, rushing home to get the kids, cooking dinner, putting them to bed, and then starting over the next day. OVER AND OVER it’s been like that and while running is a stress reliever if I don’t get my run in sometime between 4 and 6 pm, it’s not going to happen.

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving I went back out to the trail near my home and proceeded to run a fartlek with interval times so fast I was wondering about myself.  My first “interval” which lasted about 2 miles was so quick that I actually slowed down to a walk because I was freaking myself out. Wow, I thought, this is great. I’ve been working my tail off and barely running twice a week and now I come out and blow myself away. This is cool.

That next Sunday the 30th I shivered through the Giants-Redskins game only to cheer my way to another victory and yelling “Come on ELI” amongst a sea of maroon and yellow Skins fans, incuding the people I went to the game with.  I was so proud I lasted the whole day outside in the rain.

This past week proved to be as difficult as the last few weeks-12-hour days, recovering from Strep, which I contracted just before the holidays, blowing my nose from a cold my son has given me all while trying to keep my clients happy.  I only ran Monday and Friday this week but yesterday I proved to myself that I am indeed, a running supermom.

I left work at 4:15 saying screw it as a I left and proceeded to go to my local Bally Total Fitness where I ran 6 miles in 56 minutes – I was promising myself not to speed through the workout. Just complete the mileage and keep it slow, but around a 9:30 pace or so. 

I proceeded to leave the gym, get my oldest son from school, go home, whip up dinner, bake a batch of organic chocolate chip cookies (where I added twice the requested amount of chocolate chips), clean the house, decorate for Christmas, and write a little, all before midnight while everyone else was asleep by 10.

I always wonder how moms do what we do.  Even as I sit here writing this blog, my youngest is calling for me and I am trying to ignore him.  Come on, come on mommy!

We supermoms are under a lot of pressure.  I don’t know how I would manage if I did not have running to keep me sane. Dylan’s running in and out of my office, my oldest is playing video games while my husband is in the shower. Dylan is literally throwing things, slamming doors , messing up the scotch tape, and has probably just pooped but her I sit, composed, cool.  The running keeps me that way. The fact that I ran for an hour yesterday will keep me sane until tomorrow when God willing, I will run again. 

Of I go to pay attention to my coughing, yellow-nosed snot ridden little guy who is now throwing his ball at the computer. He is so cute!

Keep running ladies!



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