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Running Resolutions 2009

So here we are. Another New Year’s Eve and what are you going to do next year in your running career?

I made a promise to myself to become certified as a running coach and will in April 2009. I planned ahead for a couple of 10-milers but am now shaping my goals around a possible half-marathon in May and then the Army 10-miler or the Marine Corps Marathon (just to do the half). I also plan to get a running diagnostic done – I will plan for that early next month – my goal is to get my running form evaluated. I know where I am going and who to call so that will get done.

On improvements, I was stumped by a reader who wanted to know where to go to find shoes made the most socially-responsibly. Well, Runners World did a green issue in November and I learned that Nike’s recycle shoe program may be a scam and then I thought, well aside from the report I did in this blog on Asics shoes, I am at a loss – so I have decided that we all need to do to scour the ‘net for this stuff. I will make it a point to network as best I can with people I know.  One site to look at to see what recycled sneakers can become is:

For those looking for more social responsibility also go to this blog:

For those of you out there who are expecting, expect to keep running if it’s not too uncomfortable. If you are fit, running can be a boon to your fitness before and after baby.  My running pregnant blogs posts have garnered the most interest and support.

So as we run off to 2009 remember that if you set some goals – any goals, it’s better than not setting them at all. I will hem and haw over three races that I am targeting in May. I will need to pick one eventually, but not today.  Tomorrow, is another year!

Keep running!



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