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News and Notes – Grand Opening of PR Running Store

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Store associate helps new customer

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 I attended the grand opening of the Potomac River Running Store; a chain of running stores in the Washington, D.C. area. This store, located near Tysons Corner was once Metro Sports – the very store where I was introduced to the Asics 2100 running series. Four years later, here I am, running in the 2140 series.


Runner Signs in for a raffle

So it seemed appropriate for me to return to the store. I will admit I had an alterior motive – Mizuno reps were there and in the morning there was a fun run where people got to test drive new Mizunos. I arrived and put on a test pair comperable to the Asics shoe I currently wear.

I was either the Wave Expire or the Elixer that I tried on. The shoe was light – so light it felt like a sock.  I went about 5 miles in the shoe. After returning to the store I did a foot analysis; which showed I needed a support shoe.  A running analysis proved even better. As the store associate watched me run he was talking so fast I could barely understand him – but MetroSport had pointed me in the right direction. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke,” the associate said. “If your Asics are working for you, stay in them. The Mizuno support shoe is comperable and if you want to switch brands, go for it.”


Treadmill w/TV

The reason I went to the PR Running Store was because of the treadmill. The Georgetown Running Company has one of these treadmills set up in their store. I was going to go over there to make sure I was in the right shoe when the press release for this store was emailed to me. 

The trip to the store was worth it. A few years ago I went to MetroSports and tried on all the stability shoes they had. In the end, I went back to my Asics.  I did the same last Saturday and was glad I did.


Cindy and Tim

Thank you to Cindy and Tim, who let me tag along during the fun run!



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