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Running Illustrated™ Product Pages

Running Illustrated™ Product Pages

By Alix J. Shutello

As this Web site works toward its migration from blog to running Web site, I’ll be doing more product and race reviews along with trying to meet the demands of my pregnant runners! All of you who have been reading these pages have not only enhanced my vision of this Web site but you have also enlightened me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s support.

The next few days will be exciting. We have the upcoming and very famous CherryBlossom 10-miler, and this race is so popular even the volunteer positions are full; which is a true testament to this race. I look forward to attending and cheering on my co-worker, Greg, and his wife (part of being a true athlete is to cheer on your fellow runners!).

Tonight I am excited to meet Joan Benoit Samuelson.  Joan Benoit Samuelson broke the female course record for the Boston Marathon in 1979. She went on to have a career in smashing records – I mean, someone can run 26.2 miles in a little over 2 hours is just amazing to me. I have a lot of respect for people whose bodies can do the unthinkable – run at warp speed.

I want to thank OutsidePR & Sports Marketing for listing my site on theirs and helping me grow Running Illustrated. This is going to be a great year……join me on twitter @RunnerBlogGirl.

Read more: Joan Benoit Samuelson Biography – A Born Athlete, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, The Marathon’s Maine Woman, Where Is She Now? – CONTACT INFORMATION



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