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The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S.

The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S.
Prepping for the big day

By Alix Shutello

On Sunday 30,000 of us will be running the 31rst Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run  down Philadelphia’s famous Broad Street.  This race has grown so popular, it was capped at 30,000 runners according to race director, Jim Marino.  I mean, this race is so large the Race Program and Information Guide has nine letters from everyone including the Mayor, Michael A. Nutter and the following:

–  Michael DiBerardinis, Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation
–  Susan Slawson, City of Philadelphia Recreation Commissioner
–  Jim Marino, Race Director
–  Joseph A. Frick, President and CEO of Independence Blue Cross
–  Michael Days, Editor, Daily News
–  Bernie Prazenica, President & General Manager of 6ABC
– Derrick Morgan and Sara Hills of Modell’s Sporting Goods
–  Ruth Ann Dailey, Regional VP, SE PA American Cancer Society

The 32-page Information Guide is crucial to runners; it is important that if this is your first big race you become acclimated with the race maps and know your way around on race day.  Here are some important things to know:

Runners can check their gear on any bus. You must supply your own race gear back, label it with official race day tags provided when you pick up your race packet, and put on your color coded wrist band. You’ll need the wristband on to collect your gear at the end of the race.

Advice? Do not put anything of extreme value in these bags including a cell phone. Sure, stuff a few bucks in a pocket or your SEPTA card but credit cards, wallets, all that stuff should be left in your car or at home. Put your license in the bag, however, just in case, God forbid, something happens during the race – as your license can be good identification in the event you need to go to the hospital for dehyration or injury.

NONE! Don’t plan to drive to the race start because you won’t be able to. Plan transportation in advance; know your plan to get to the starting line and execute it. Preferably – have someone drop you off!

This is your opportunity to know what a cow feels like in a pen. Find your pen and stand in it.  Please make sure to pee before hand. No coffee right before the race and pray you don’t need to do worse.  Get all of that out of the way or you’ll be standing at a port-o-potty with 9,000 other people and trust me, there is no holding back in those urinals (TMI? TOO BAD).

It is not necessary to know where you are going as you run the race…but it you want to know, check out the map.  Some people like surprises. I don’t so I try to familiarize myself with where I am going. This way, I don’t need to think on race day; I just need to run.

Know where you are going after the race is over. If you’ve come with friends and family just plan a place to meet; which is why the Information Guide is so important to read; you’ll see the map of the finish area which will help you out after the race.

Well it’s supposed to be about 48 degrees at the start; that’s about perfect actually. Let’s hope it’s nice out. Running races in the rain just sucks.

So go enjoy it!



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