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First Race, Post Partum

First Time Mother Runs 10K 4 Months Post Partum.

My neighbor, Jaime, came up to me last night at a neighborhood happy hour. She was wearing her 4 month old son, Evan, in a Bjorn facing forwards. I offered to hold while she ate.

We talked about breast-feeding and pumping; all those new mom conversations still fresh in my mind even though my children are 7 and 4 years old. 

Her husband, Luke, approached and after we caught him up on our conversation Jaime turned to me and said, “I’m, well, we’re running a 10K tomorrow, what do I eat beforehand?”

I was surprised. There was no way I could run a race while I was still breast feeding. I was so afraid I’d get engorged I put the thought out of my mind completely. Plus, I was exhausted. Jamie had told that Evan had kept her up every other hour last night. I was thinking she might want to go to sleep. And who was going to watch the baby while she ran?

“Wow!” I managed to reply. I immediately switched to trainer mode. “What time is the race?”

Once she told the race was at 8 am I recommended she get up around 6 and have a piece of toast with a little butter and jelly and only a half a cup of coffee. The idea being to feed the body and wake it up but not over stimulate it.

I’ll catch up with Jaime later but I am so proud of her. Oh, and by the way, I instructed her to wear two running bras!



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