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Fenwick Island Running A Must


I’ve run in some pretty cool places; from Hawaii to New York City to Colorado Springs to Washington, DC.  I do hope to run abroad in a race – and had my eye on a race in Valencia, Spain but I may end up going back to France to see St. Michel before they put in the wind farms along the coast.      

Alix at Fenwick Island, DE

Here I am at a nice look out point on Fenwick Island in Delaware. I run with my IPhone and catch cool photos but I’m never in them so I asked two unassuming women if one of them wouldn’t mind capturing a photo of me.  So there you have it.  I am about 2 miles out on a 4-mile run; I couldn’t think of a better photo opportunity than this one, right at my turn-around point.      

What’s nice about running at least where I was staying in the Bay View development was that one could run along a golf course, or run on back roads through undeveloped grassy savannahs to the water. That is always a pleasant experience, seeing that I live in a metropolitan area with tons of cool trails. For convenience sake I often choose to run on trails near my home that are land locked.   


I like to run where ever I travel. Yesterday I ran in Reston, VA and well, lost my car keys. Yes, I decided, since I was in Reston to run on the WO&D running trail.  I was amazed that the small of honey suckles still disgusts me. When I got pregnant and was training for the San Diego Marathon I ran along a trail with honey suckles and I just wanted to throw up. Now, while I don’t want to throw up, seven years later, the smell just disgusts me. Too bad right?      

Ever lose a key while running? I did. Yesterday I started out for a 6 mile run. It was HOT. Deathly hot. I had my IPhone in my shorts and my car key in my back pocket. I was one mile down the trail when I felt my back pocket and when I felt nothing there I had a panic attack. What if someone found my car key and then stole my car?    

I  turned back and finished 2 miles and breathed a little easier when I saw my car in the parking lot.  I did not see my key when I traced back my steps.  I thought maybe it was possible that I locked the key in my car.  I called my husband, who was not able to get to me for 4 hours. You see it was 3 in the afternoon. I sat down and worked for a little while. When I was convinced no one found my car key and after pacing the parking lot and trail head for an hour I decided to go out and run again. I ran 4 miles and walked 1 mile because it was so hot. Thankfully, there was a gym where I could sneak in and get water at the water fountain. Otherwise, I would not have gone out to run again. In this 85% heat, I should have been running with water. My water was in my car.  I really needed to have my water belt.       


I do want to point out that on my shoes you’ll see a little red thing on my left shoe. That is my Road ID.      

The Road ID has my medical information on it. It says “Bee Sting.” I wear the Road ID proudly; a product recommended to me by Outside PR, a sports and marketing firm in California who recommended I sport the Road ID. So I do, greatfully…I freaked out a little less when a very large wasp landed on my thigh yesterday. It’s dead, I’m not. End of story.     




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