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Mum Mentor: Radcliffe Coaches Goucher On Training Through Pregnancy, Can Goucher Relax Enough to Take Care of Her Baby?


Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher both have exciting news. They are both pregnant and both due on the same day. Radcliffe, who is expecting baby number 2, has been quick to give some sage advice to Goucher, the new mom to be.  

Radcliffe reported to the New York Times, “If you haven’t gone through pregnancy, you don’t know what that type of tiredness feels like, what being wiped out feels like. I didn’t sit down and lecture (Kara); I passed along bits (of advice) to her.”  

Paula Radcliffe is the women’s marathon world-record holder and winner of the 2008 NYC Marathon. Goucher, who holds several records in many distances from 5K and up is now training with Radcliffe in Portland, Oregon. Each will train through their pregnancies.  

Baby Planned With Olympics in Mind  

That said, both women will be running strong through their pregnancy, as Kara Goucher’s Web site she plans to run through birth. Her plans are to have the baby now so she can compete in the 2012 Olympics. Radcliffe’s plan for baby number 2 was planned with the same plan in mind – to give birth and spend the 15 months before the Olympics training for her home country, England.  

A Potential Scare  

Goucher had some scary news; after learning the baby might have a developmental abnormality, she waited until she was near 5 months pregnant to share the news of her pregnancy to the world. Fortunately, the baby will be normal and she’s relieved, I am sure, beyond belief.  

Goucher’s Training Plans Undaunted  

While both women are still training hard, both admit to slowing down when they need to listen to their bodies. Recently,  

Goucher with her husband, Adam. New York Times Photo


however, Goucher completed a 13-mile run at a 6:50 pace. Dr. Mona Shangold, the director of the Center for Women’s Health and Sports Gynecology in Philadelphia told the New York Times, “It has not been shown that running for that long, for that intensity, is safe.”  

Recently, according to an article on Oregon, Goucher mentioned she cannot imagine taking a day off and recently she logged 80 miles in a week; but if that is something her body can handle, she should do just fine.  

We just have to trust that both women know what they are doing. Paula Radcliffe won the IMG New York City Marathon merely 9 months after the birth of her daughter in 2007. That said, Radcliffe suffered a stress fracture in her sacrum post partum.  

Radcliffe Running a Race Pregnant in 2007


Dr. Swedan, a rehabilitation specialist in New York City stated in Runner’s World article that the hormone relaxin, which causes joints and ligaments to loosen up so the hips can accommodate giving birth, doesn’t depart the body until at least four months postpartum. “It makes you more prone to sprains,” he says.  

Good luck to both women in their pregnancies, motherhood, and pending Olympics.




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