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Jon Olafsson: Runner and Pioneer for Sustainability

Icelandic Glacial water is a carbon neutral corporation with a mission. It’s co-founder, Jon Olafsson runs every day if he can; usually through Hyde Park in London, where the entrepreneur lives. Olafsson started the company in 2004, where he conceptualized the idea of Icelandic Glacial brand. 

I caught up with Jon while he was in California recently. To coordinate the phone interview, his public relations firm in New York called his assistant in Europe, who called Jon in the U.S. to help schedule a time for us to talk. This is probably the first interview I’ve conducted that had to be scheduled across 3 states (because I am not in New York), 2 countries, and 3 time zones and 4 people.

Jon told me that he runs purely for fitness and doesn’t have time to compete; the only races he participates in requires jet setting around the world.  He lives in London, his residence for the last 12 years, and choses to run in Hyde Park. 

R.I.: So how far to you run?

J.O.: A half hour to hour, depending on the weather. I run almost every day – about five days a week.

R.I. : So what brand of clothes do you wear?

J.O.: I am a Nike guy.

R.I.: So when you are not running, what other exercise to you get?

J.O.: I run purely for fitness because I travel so much but I do go to the gym at times for weight lifting. When I travel I often run on a treadmill.

R.I.: Do you run with anyone?

J.O.: I prefer to run alone.

R.I.: You’ve told me you have 4 grown children. Do any of them run?

J.O.: Only my eldest runs.

For a  jet-setting executive who travels 60% of the time, I feel fortunate to have talked him for the few moment he could spare. Busy business entrepreneurs need to clear their minds, and running is one of the best ways to do that. Currently Kristjan Olafsson (the other co-founder of Icelandic Glacial) is the CEO of the company.

Happy trails to you Jon, and thank you for creating such an environmentally-friendly product the world can benefit from. To see Jon in a video click here:



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