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Magneat Running Fashion Accessory

Magneat – a hip new fitness/fashion accessory product that is the perfect companion for iPods, iPhones, and MP3 players alike that solves one aspect of portable audio devices today, headphone wire management. You may have seen some folks donning these sleek circular magnetic clips on their fitness clothes with Sony, SkullCandy, Aerial7, Bose, Nixon, or other mainstream headphones, especially joggers/runners and cyclists, and of course fitness forward fashionistas – a perfect accessory for anyone with a recreational and digital lifestyle that wants to look great while working out.

The size of a half-dollar coin, Magneat is a fashionable and functional fitness accessory for taming music headphones while working out. Its sleek and simple two-part design consists of a circular, wraparound headphone wire piece and a powerful magnetic clip piece that combine to attach the Magneat to virtually any type of (fitness) clothing. Annoying excess hanging wire, tangled wires, and wire storage problems when not in use are a thing of the past with Magneat. Now, users can easily organize and control the length, motion, and weight of their headphone/earbud wires, minimizing the risk of tangling and relieving the ears of the weight and hassle of the wires.

Magneat is available in solid rainbow colors and with a number of graphic imprints (Pixel Skull, Union Jack, Atomic Bunny, etc.) to match any outfit and retails from $14.99 – $19.99. You can purchase Magneat at
Magneat is tracking to be the must-have accessory for virtually everyone with a recreational lifestyle!

For more information contact:
Susan Donahue
Skyya Communications (New York City)
Desk: +1 646 454 9378
Mobile: +1 651 283 8700



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