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Try SUGOI today, run better tomorrow.

I recently ran in my new SUGOI Fizz running tank and Verve shorts and immediately life was better. Good quality clothes do make a difference when you run. Lately, I have noticed more and more people in their technical running clothes. Runners today are becoming more sophisticated; and SUGOI is definitely showing that they can be your preferred clothing line.

The running top shown above is literally the first and only running top I’ve been able to use that supports me when I run, but also, with the mesh back pocket, I was able to carry my IPhone.

The Verve Short is another product I recommend; with two pack pockets and an inner liner pocket I will definitely be using these shorts when I run the BroadStreet 10-miler in May. When racing, I don’t prefer to run with a running belt. I prefer to put my Gu in my pocket and my music (if I am using it) clipped onto my shorts.

Two other products from this line I recommend are the Piston 200 running tight and SUGOI’s running technical shirt.

I ran 9 miles in 80 degree weather with these tights and didn’t overheat. The tights actually supported my legs and the shirt was not constrictive nor did I oversweat in this top. All of these clothes are high quality and I highly recommend them.

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