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Doing It In The Morning

Well everyone, remember when I mentioned that I wanted to change my evening run schedule to the morning? Well….I may have done it. I finally clocked a decent run yesterday where I wasn’t in need of:

– another 15 minutes of snooze

– coffee

– a massive “get psyched” session before I ran out the door

Out I went into the morning heat and clocked 4 miles.  That is my normal mid week run and I did a couple of half-mile step ups to get my heart rate going. Needless to say I ran a little teeny weeny bit slower but I need to recover from the step ups so I am very pleased.

And also, considering I was at a funeral yesterday (my Barrie Collins rest in peace) and that this was my third funeral this year, I am happy that through the difficulties and sadness of life, running takes to a place that reminds me how wonderful life is, and to cherish it.

So now that I have been doing this for about 3 weeks my goal to establish a morning run as a habit is starting to come to shape. I hope that as winter comes and the days get darker, that I will appreciate my decision!



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