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Running A Fun Run for Fun!

I went out too fast but supported a good cause!

By Alix J. Shutello

This Saturday I went out for a fun run with a group who I’d heard of before, but never realized how huge they had become.  Back on My Feet, a Philadelphia-based organization who works with people in the homeless community to help them build self esteem and confidence through running held a fun run around Hains Point in the District of Columbia.  Back on My Feet has chapters in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Boston, and will be expanding to Chicago in September 2010.

I chose to run this race because it was a fun run and not a race.  Since I have been working on my speed, I chose a fun run because I didn’t want a t-shirt, nor did I want to do anything official.  But I did want to donate money to a good cause and join some other runners who wanted to run for fun. I brought my family out, and they were able to get in a round of miniature golf, while I ran around the point.

I clocked at 8:23 first mile – about 30 seconds faster than I should have been going mile 1! As you might imagine, I started to run out of steam toward the end of the run because while I was super pysched to have clocked such a fast first mile without trying, by my third mile I wanted to just die.

Training point: And yes, I’ll be doing an article on this – self control is important in racing. Doing these little 5Ks is important for me to learn how to adjust speed. I know my faults; I do great in the beginning but don’t have anything at the end so I need to change my training to strengthen my push at the end.

Take a look for a more in-depth article on BOMA in the days to come!


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