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Ultra-Marathon Man

This weekend I’ll be putting my finishing touches on my interview with ultra-marathoner, Andy Bowen, from Noosa, Australia on the Sunshine Coast, about 100 kms north of Brisbane, which is about 1000 km north of Sydney.  He started out like most of us, running here and there until his brother asked him to do a half marathon with him. After he completed the half, Andy jumped right into marathons and then from there, without hesitation, went into ultra marathons. He’s got four under his belt in Australia, and next year, this relative newcomer will be daring to do the impossible – a 1,400 km (900-mile), multi-day run to raise awareness for one of his favorite charities. His Web site on the race is forthcoming….any designers out there wanting to create a site for a good cause?

Andy’s story is one of sheer determination and will. He’s gotten the interest of a local university to study him while he trains for his big even next year.  In the meanwhile, he’s got a race coming up in November. After that, he’s off to log mile after mile in the beautiful Australian bushland, which is similar to what you see in the photo here. As you can see, Andy’s run with some of the great ultra runners, including Dean Karnazes.


Dean Karnazes and Andy at the North Face 100km in Sydney

“I ran with him on and off throught the day and he was an amazingly inspirational guy. He stopped with me for a minute when I was in a “world of pain” at the top a staircase which goes from the bottom to the top of the valley at the 75 km mark and seems to go on forever. He simply got me to readjust my mindset and appreciate that there was nothing wrong for stopping for a rest. Him saying that made me pull myself together and start running again!”

– Andy Bowen



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