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Be Careful About Squats and Soreness

Ok I admit it. I didn’t want to do my 8 mile run on Saturday but decided instead to do some hard core cardio. I did one of my tapes that combines yoga, plyometrics, jumping, squating, core work and a warm down. The tape isn’t long (45 minutes) but you get a good work out.

Unfortunately today my hamstrings are so sore I can barely sit down. With all the constant training I do in running, I tend to be inconsistent when it comes to strength training.

Today I was in pain enough that after 2 miles I needed to stop because I could feel a strain on the outer ligaments of my knee. Normally, I’d push through the pain but with a race coming up next Saturday and an international trip on its heels I decided to just let today go (thought it’s been tough).

I was mad at myself. I’ve done this before where I’ve gotten so jazzed about  cross-training to increase my cardiovascular fitness and strength I do too much. Ultimately my long distance run sufferes.

Introducing other strength exercises into your regime is a good idea, but you need to do it judiciously.  Like running, if you over do it, you’ll be sore, tired, and more prone to injury. So maybe I shouldn’t have done a full 45 minutes of leg and core work. My core certainly didn’t  suffer but there is no reason to work out until you feel the burn. The idea of plyometrics and other jumping and strength exercises is that they are integrated slowly and consistently into a runner’s work out a couple of times a week. You don’t need to do hours and hours of this work. A good 10- to 20- minutes is good enough until you feel you can do more.

My bad, but sometimes it feels so good to work your whole body. I just shouldn’t have done it so enthusiastically!

A buddy of mine brushed it off and said, “do your distance run tomorrow.” He’s right, I just need to push it off a day and while I’ll be off-schedule, I’ll be back on track soon.

For more on squats and other leg exercises see:



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