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Battle of the Sexes: Come On Honey, Find Your Own Race!

Jonathan Mederos May Have Won a Chick Race, but Lost All Respect!

Why a dude would want to race in a dudette’s race is a little odd. Sure, if you want to actually win a big race that maybe none of the stars are racing in and then look cool while crossing the line first, I get it. It’s got to feel good but I don’t know. Isn’t it kind of emasculating to run a chick race? I mean, you get a pink t-shirt and all this other feminine-colored stuff as your swag. What, you gonna go home and give it to you girlfriend, sister or mom? I can just see the conversation:

“Hey [honey, Mom, babe, sis], I just WON the [blankety-blank] women’s half marathon, AND, I brought you home some cool stuff!”

Here would be your response.


Jonathan Mederos races in Disney's Princess Half Marathon—for women.

Enter Jonathan Mederos who recently raced, and won, the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon (for women, mind you). While it’s cool he set a PR for himself he could of done that anywhere. I guess what perplexes me is how he signed up for and got into the race when he is clearly a man. I mean, it’s not like his name is Alix. I get mistaken for a dude all the time until someone sees me of course, as if the “i” in my name is not a dead give away.

Ah but, men are allowed to sign up for women’s races.  Rick Cordes, who won last year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon, was one of nearly 700 men among more than 12,700 women in the race.  Hey, if you let them in, what are you expecting really? Are we supposed to pout if a dude wins?

You Cannot Dissuade All Men, But Half Naked Men Could Be A Deterrent.

So…..according to an article in The Wall Street Journal, it was announced that at the Run Like a Diva inaugural half marathon on Oct 2, finishers’ medals will be awarded by bare-chested male firefighters (boy I wish I could be there for that one). Any by the way guys, the Run Like a Diva race is part of The Women’s National Running Series™ – a series that was developed as a celebration of Womanhood…even though the bare-chested firefighters are a nice touch….and they are definitely a part of womanhood!

“We had four men signed up, but two dropped out when they heard about the firemen,” said the race organizer. “We’re making this race so girly that men won’t want any part of it.”

This is getting to sound like a Chip-n-Dales event….I am now reminded of a certain scene from Sex in the City!

In all fairness folks, let’s not be hasty. Running is for sport, and we must all be good sports. I am in favor of the half-naked men, but remember, when women in bikinis start showing up a men’s events, I don’t want to hear any complaining.



5 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes: Come On Honey, Find Your Own Race!

  1. Don’t be too hard on the guy, he actually won it in 2009 and was way back this year so he learned his lesson.

    Posted by Schlom | September 23, 2010, 5:00 pm
    • How nice of you to pass judgment without knowing the full story. I ran that race in honor of my girlfriend. She is my princess. The race is called the Princess Half Marathon and we were vacationing in Orlando at the time. I’m sorry if your guy isn’t romantic or fast enough to pull off such a feat. I’ve won more races than I can count, I didn’t need this one to boost my credentials.

      Jonathan Mederos

      Posted by Jonathan Mederos | November 25, 2010, 2:49 am
      • Jonathan, thanks for your post. This has nothing to do with why you ran the race because I would have guessed you were running in support of someone. I think that the ladies would have wanted one of their own to win and that was the stink. And, in things like this, I believe fully in self defense which is why I don’t mind posting your post. My husband is not a runner so no, he wouldn’t have run a race for me but he would have played basketball like a madman. Anyway, thanks for writing. I’d be happy to write about all your accomplishments – you deserve it.

        Posted by Alix Shutello | November 26, 2010, 3:10 pm
  2. Alix,
    I ran the Disney Half for women this year as an inspiration to my wife. She had never run a half before, and wanted my support training and running.
    We finished under 2hrs (I made sure I came in just behind her).
    I felt funny running in a “woman’s” race but justified? it based on circumstances…
    I just think a blanket statement dogging him for “running in a woman’s race” is off kilter.

    I definitely think running to WIN a women’s race is odd, and not sure what he is proving?

    Just my thoughts,

    Posted by Luke | October 15, 2010, 4:21 pm
    • Luke, thanks so much for your comment. I really wanted to have a little fun here but the reality is that we all appreciate our support systems and the ones that run with us are cherished whether it’s a “women’s race” or not. I hope everyone can forgive me for poking fun at a fellow runner! He does have permission to poke fun of me.


      Posted by Alix Shutello | October 15, 2010, 5:45 pm

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