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On Training: Get That First International Run In

If you have the energy, get off the plane, check in to wherever you are staying and put on your running shoes.

I am so proud of myself.

Today we landed in Barcelona and I am writing this post literally moments after finishing my first run through the streets of Barcelona. Sure, I didn’t run far, but I’m tired. I’ve been up for 24 hours and am trying to fight the jet lag.

So while my traveling companions are sleeping I am writing about running in Spain. And here is the thing – unlike other trips to Europe where I’d let sleep get the best of me, I mentally prepared to run when I got into the city. My running shoes were on the top of my bag and so I just needed to change and off I went.

The mind is a wonderful thing. With positive thoughts we can do literally anything. I told myself I’d run my first day in Spain because I wanted to try something new. I knew that if I fell asleep it would be a day or two before I considered running again – and with a half marathon coming up in November, I don’t want to ignore my training (at least not completely).

I will need to get adequate sleep however. Should I continue to train on little to no sleep that will be a recipe for disaster – lack of sleep leads to injury. That, my friends, is a fact.

I’d love to hear about your stories running abroad. Don’t hesitate to comment on this post.



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