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Add Some Audio Fuel to Your Running Diet

By Alix J. Shutello

A few weeks ago Clare Crean of AudioFuel contacted me to tell me about her product so I scheduled an interview with her and I downloaded a few of the running programs she recommended. After sampling a few of the running programs I am hooked and am incorporating AudioFuel workouts into my training schedule. What’s cool about the music is that AudioFuel works directly with local artists in the UK who create music to different beats per minute (BPM).  Training to music by running at a BPM pace (like 160 BPM for long runs) is a nice change of pace, if you will, to trying to run from point A to point B and track your time.

What also makes AudioFuel an integral part of my training is that I am coached by Dr. Martin Yelling of the U.K. Yes, he speaks to me at the beginning and end of my workout and every 10 minutes or so along my long runs.  I like to hear from him as he coaxes me along. It’s like he’s talking just to me.   And the music is amazing too – when you are 45 minutes into an hour run and the music says “don’t stop now,” you don’t. You get energized and move to the beat.

Normally, I am looking at my minute per mile pace.  However, when training with AudioFuel you free yourself from that and really train to a pace in BPM. When doing long runs especially, it is important to keep a steady pace – and these music tracks keep you on pace and on target.

Not doing a long run? No worries. AudioFuel has a whole series of running programs to meet your needs. For example I did the 45-minute tempo run that trains you up to intervals at 185 BPM. Trust me, you’ll be happy that each segment is only 3 minutes. You do 2 rounds of intervals at 3 increasing paces for 3 minutes each.  So for this workout I was running at a pace of  170 BPM all the way up to 185. Trust me, you’ll get a workout.   AudioFuel is fun, different, and most important, it’s engaging.

Not near a track? This is what makes AudioFuel so important to me. With the AudioFuel interval training programs I am able to have Dr. Yelling with me, training me in an interval session right in my own neighborhood. That in itself brings value to AudioFuel.

To download a free sample, click here.

Read my interview with Clare Crean at!




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