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Pregancy and Running: Always Be Cautious

Gretchen Lynch ran the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon 8 weeks pregnant and reported having a great day. Unfortunately, Gretchen had a health scare which has benched from training for a while.  Not long after the marathon, I interviewed Gretchen and even posted the story on my blog, but days later I took it down. Gretchen was bleeding heavily and was scared about having a miscarriage. I too was terrified for her – but recently I got good news.

Read Gretchen’s story on Runners Illustrated entitled, Training Pregnant: Precautions, Prevention, and Marathons.



3 thoughts on “Pregancy and Running: Always Be Cautious

  1. I’m running again! Did my first run outdoors — 3 miles — today in the rain. The blood clot is gone, as confirmed by ultrasound, and I have been given the green light by my OB practice. Thank you for the article, and wanted to keep updating you with good news!

    Posted by Gretchen Lynch | December 13, 2010, 3:15 am
  2. This scares me. I am terrified of miscarrying, and it seems like everyone I know is saying “DONT DO IT!” because they are sure running will cause a miscarriage.

    Posted by Lily Jane | January 14, 2011, 3:51 am

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