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Running Shorts

Running Shorts

Welcome to Running Shorts, a new section with interesting running news.

Santa Runs

Well, for those of you who have never done a Santa Run, here are some fun ones for you. Facebook friend, Alice Wong, stands right in front here, in this photo.

But of course there were other Santa runs around the country over the last two weeks. Here is what all these Santas look like when they are running.

Racing With One Shoe

Most of us like to run with both our shoes on, but when Colin Tierney bolted off the starting line for the National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship race in Alabama on December 11, 2010 he lost his racing shoe in the first quarter mile. He stuck with it and finished the race with an impressive 44th place. Colin has been a star in Rhode Island where he has won race after race in high school cross country.

New Books on the Horizon

Wayne Kurtz, ultra distance athlete and owner of will soon have his book Beyond the Ironman, Training Guide for Ultra Distance Triathlons, out in January. Take a look for it. I’ll have more news here soon.

Kara Goucher, New Mom, to Run Boston in 2011

Kara Goucher, who became a new mom in September is on track to compete for a win at the Boston Marathon.

You Are Never Too Old To Run a Marathon

Just when you think you get too old to run a race, someone will prove that’s bunk. Gladys Burrill, 92, of Prospect, Oregon, finished the Honolulu Marathon in over 9 hours just recently. See the video of her accomplishment on KITV.

From KITV in Honolulu:

Burrill finished the Honolulu Marathon in 9:53:16.

Burrill is from Prospect, Oregon, but she spends part of each year in Honolulu in a condominium she owns in Waikiki.  Burrill began entering marathons in 2004 when she was 86-years old.  Burrill finished four Honolulu Marathons but failed to finish the last two. In 2008, she was unable to complete the course because she said she was in distress from the recent death of her husband. She dropped out at the 25 mile mark.  Last year, she dropped out of the race after experiencing severe stomach cramps.  She left the course at mile 16. Her family said then that Burrill’s marathoning days might be over.But Burrill never gave up. This year, she made a determined effort to get back into the race and to finish. She put in 30 to 50 miles each week training with her running partner, 66-year-old George McCarthy.  Honolulu Marathon officials said now they are working to contact Guinness World Records to verify Burrill’s possible record at the oldest female marathon finisher.


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  1. For a moment I thought it was a tribute to me ;).

    Posted by runshorts | December 22, 2010, 1:55 am

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