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Editor's Letter

January/February Issue of Endurance Racing Magazine

Welcome to ERM!

Magazines take a ton of work. There’s getting the stories that interest readers, interviewing key athletes, shopping around for advertisers, figuring out design, making key decisions…to print or not to print?

And the list goes on.

But before I go on, I want to thank my editor and good friend, Renee Dexter of Rainmaker Publishing for editing this issue of the magazine. Make sure to check out Rainmaker Publishing’s newest release: From Kona to Lake Placid – 50 Great U.S. Triathlons.

I decided to write and publish Endurance Racing Magazine (ERM) because I saw a need for endurance athletes to find a place to congregate, learn, and share stories. I spent time over the past couple of months talking to athletes about racing, juggling family obligations, training, and what drives them. All of them have a common denominator—a strong desire to go farther; a will to go on no matter what; and a natural ability to sustain endurance distances without breaking down in the physical sense.

And you see those qualities ring strong and true for those who do the double and triple IRONs.

This issue is about the double and triple IRONS merely because I fell in love with them.  After hearing about these races from a friend, Race Twitch’s Wayne Kurtz, I started looking into them. The next thing I knew I was on the phone with race director, Steve Kirby and before I knew it, I was cutting out of my son’s soccer tournament to drive down to Lake Anna to watch the October 2012 competition.  I’m glad I went because the folks I met and talked to changed me. What a family of people.

So here’s the deal…I want feedback—so give it to me. I want the good, the bad, and ugly but be nice! This is a family magazine and one I hope you chose to subscribe to. Most of you know where to find me on Facebook or Twitter (@alixshutello or @RI_Magazine). This is the first issue and while this may look like a magazine, there’s a lot of work to be done before it REALLY becomes a magazine.

I want to personally thank everyone who worked with me to get their stories done. I hope I did them justice.

Enjoy this first issue, found at or

Alix Shutello



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