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Frank McKinney’s Badwater

March 11, 2012
By Alix Shutello

Last Thursday I had the extreme pleasure and privilege to interview real estate mogul Frank McKinney. Frank is not only down to earth, charming, and likable, but his story is unique and interesting.

Frank may have never considered becoming an endurance athlete if he hadn’t been running in Death Valley during the Badwater race one fateful summer in 2004.

What makes him so unique is that he slammed himself into endurance racing with a goal to qualify for Badwater in 2005. He

English: A view from Badwater with a sign, of ...

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persevered and succeeded by training for, and running his qualifying 100-miler in 6 weeks.

I’m not going to give away any more because I want folks to look forward to reading his profile that will in “The Bad Boys of Badwater” coming out in the March/April issue of Endurance Racing Magazine but let’s just say key words like ambulance, Lisa Batchen-Smith, and his mantra, “Relentless Forward Motion,” will all be there.

Have a great Sunday!



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