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On Location, On Running

Circumnavigation of Death Valley ‘A Go’

David Heckman and Marshall Ulrich begin their 500-mile trek through Death Valley.

By Alix Shutello


David (left) and Marshall (right) get ready to head off on their adventure.

Marshall emailed me today. He said’ “Marshall here, Dave and I started from Badwater this morning testing gear, food, hydration. Temp up to about 120 degrees. Tomorrow we will start on the official course  from Hwy 90 near Death Valley Junction and will be headed up toward Beatty the next three days, then head NE toward Big Pine on day four, five and six. Once we hit the Saline Valley Road on day 7 we will be
headed down the west side of Death Valley, then day 8 and nine we will head to Panamint Springs. All these places can accessible from Las Vegas.”

“Heather and Roger will be at the Long Street Station for the next two nights, then Beatty for three nights, then Big Pine for a couple of nights, then camping along the Saline Valley Road…Panamint Springs will be their next stop. This is our schedule for the next 9 days.”

I called Marshall’s wife, Heather, and his friend, Karen Hirsch to get updates.  I would like to get out to Death Valley if time and money permits, but it would have to be this weekend or the next. I’d love to bring them MILA or ASEA products.  Both would do them well in the desert.

More to come!



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