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Ever Consider Marathon Pacing?

Have you ever seen a marathon pacer? They are those selfless people who help you get through your marathon so that you can claim the glory for your PR or better yet, help you achieve a qualifying time for Boston (and if that also happens to be a PR then AWESOME for you!!!!!) If you … Continue reading

Four Weeks to A Better Trained Body and Brain

I have a 1oK race coming up in the next couple of months. My goal, therefore, is to become very efficient at running those 6.2 miles. To do that, I need to condition myself to run at least that distance if not farther. To run farther distances runners must run LSDs (long slow distances) to … Continue reading

Training For a Race? Try Progressive Overload

Training Rx Why Running a Combination of Short and Long EASY Runs is Beneficial to Improving Running Fitness By Alix Shutello Are you someone who runs the same distance EVERY day? Well, you might not be doing yourself any favors if you are training for a race. Running the same distance every day does have … Continue reading

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