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Running Pregnant, It’s OK!

Women from around the world have read my article on running while pregnant entitled, Running Pregnant – Before, During, and After Baby – It’s A No Brainer for Runners Please see the new discussion at, Run Pregnant, It’s OK! Advertisements

Mum Mentor: Radcliffe Coaches Goucher On Training Through Pregnancy, Can Goucher Relax Enough to Take Care of Her Baby?

  Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher both have exciting news. They are both pregnant and both due on the same day. Radcliffe, who is expecting baby number 2, has been quick to give some sage advice to Goucher, the new mom to be.   Radcliffe reported to the New York Times, “If you haven’t gone through … Continue reading

First Race, Post Partum

First Time Mother Runs 10K 4 Months Post Partum. My neighbor, Jaime, came up to me last night at a neighborhood happy hour. She was wearing her 4 month old son, Evan, in a Bjorn facing forwards. I offered to hold while she ate. We talked about breast-feeding and pumping; all those new mom conversations still fresh … Continue reading

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