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Training For a Race? Try Progressive Overload

Training Rx Why Running a Combination of Short and Long EASY Runs is Beneficial to Improving Running Fitness By Alix Shutello Are you someone who runs the same distance EVERY day? Well, you might not be doing yourself any favors if you are training for a race. Running the same distance every day does have … Continue reading

Get Motivated!

How can one motivate themselves to run? There are times when even I lose my desire to run (that may shock the people who know me).  Let’s face it, with a full-time job, two kids, and other side projects that I am involved in, time for exercise is limited. Running is important enough for me, … Continue reading

Running Resolutions 2009

What are your running goals for 2009? Do you want to finish a race? Get fit? Run faster? Run Greener? Run while pregnant? You can do anything – just put your mind to it. Continue reading

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