Cherry Blossom 10-miler

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Dilemma: When Injured, Does One Race or Merely Compete?

By Alix Shutello February 28, 2011 Many of you know I rarely talk about my running on a personal level….but when I can use myself as an example, I’ll do it.  And besides, that is what the blog portion of Runners Illustrated is for…..right? On Sunday I looked at the calendar and my heart sank. It’s … Continue reading

Philanthropic Running – A New President and New Attitude Toward Running for a Cause

What kind of runner will you be this year?  With Barak Obama in the White House – a man who represents hope and change for our country, I cannot think of a better time to think about my running goals for next year and whether I will be able to use running to make a … Continue reading

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