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Inflexibility Hinders Performance and Causes Injuries

By Alix J. Shutello Are you inflexible? Do you know if you are? Here are some signs. It really hurts when you try to stretch your hamstrings past the ninety degree mark when you are on your back. You cannot touch your toes. Yoga to you is a four letter word. You could be inflexbile. … Continue reading

New Morning Routine: Getting Out To Run the Wee Hours

Changing your routine is literally the difference between night and day. By Alix Shutello. Today I dragged myself out of bed so that I could honk out a few miles.  Wikipedia says that it should take about 21 days for me to change my habits so that I become a morning exerciser. It’s funny because … Continue reading

Why Active Stretching is Important Before You Run

Why Active Stretching is Important Before You Run By Campbell McCormack Given the nature of endurance sports, it is not surprising that runners cringe at the notion of spending extra time stretching before a workout.  You plan to go out for a nice 5 mile run, but who has the time or patience for a … Continue reading

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