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“There is little evidence that stretching does anything important

“There is little evidence that stretching does anything important” @nytimes #stretching @nytimeswell @RI_magazine Related articles Do you have to stretch before you exercise? ( Hip Stretches to Reduce Tightness and Back Pain ( New Thera-Band Stretch Strap – Innovative Design Helps Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion ( Three-step Stretching System for Improved Performance … Continue reading

Beginning Running 101 – Get Faster by Running Faster

If you run faster, you’ll get faster. This summer, a gentleman called me to ask for training advice.  He mentioned that he ran really slowly and never seemed to improve. He was having some knee problems and was concerned that he was going to really injur himself. After listening to him and his training habits … Continue reading

Race Is Over, Now What?

Race Is Over, Now What? Don’t let all that good training go to waste! By Alix Shutello It’s done. You had your big race day. You’ve run your best, now what? If you don’t have your next race planned, even if you jump for joy and say, “I’m going to do this again next year!” … Continue reading

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