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The Running Taper – Two Weeks ‘Til the Sarasota Half-Marathon

In less than two weeks, I will be writing the post about my first race of the season, and actually, my first half-marathon. I have never run this distance before and am looking forward to it. I’ve done the training, the speedwork, the tempo runs, and the hills. Now it is time to taper – … Continue reading

Hamstring Injury

Well – today is my birthday and I am celebrating it with a hamstring injury.  It’s time to buck up on this blog and get down to why this blog is called “Tight Hams.” I have tight hamstrings and like most runners, I am prone to injury just like everyone else. I am pretty sure … Continue reading

Bad Fashion, Great Running

Do you want to look like this when you run? Then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to bring long pants with you when you go to the gym. It’s about 30 degrees outside this week, so I went to Bally’s (my gym is Bally Total Fitness), with both kids in tow and promised the older one, Matt, … Continue reading

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