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Race Is Over, Now What?

Race Is Over, Now What? Don’t let all that good training go to waste! By Alix Shutello It’s done. You had your big race day. You’ve run your best, now what? If you don’t have your next race planned, even if you jump for joy and say, “I’m going to do this again next year!” … Continue reading

The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S.

The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S. Prepping for the big day By Alix Shutello On Sunday 30,000 of us will be running the 31rst Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run  down Philadelphia’s famous Broad Street.  This race has grown so popular, it was capped at 30,000 runners according to race director, Jim Marino.  I mean, this … Continue reading

Piriformis Performance

Piriformis Performance How to Beat This Pain in the Butt Your piriformis is a narrow muscle is a big one lodged deep in your rear end. This muscle helps you run and rotate your hip. When the piriformis tightens up, runners and others will experience a deep, aching pain in the buttocks sometimes radiating into the thigh, leg … Continue reading

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