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The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S.

The Biggest 10-Miler in the U.S. Prepping for the big day By Alix Shutello On Sunday 30,000 of us will be running the 31rst Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run  down Philadelphia’s famous Broad Street.  This race has grown so popular, it was capped at 30,000 runners according to race director, Jim Marino.  I mean, this … Continue reading

Women Athletes and Post Partum/Past Baby Knee Injuries

Esther Prins and Christine Saxon both injured their knees in two separate incidents. Esther, a new mother, ran through her pregnancy, Christine, a mother of three, was bed-ridden with her twins during her pregnancy. Each became injured post partum; one while just getting back in shape, the other while training for triathlons. Continue reading

Running Resolutions 2009

What are your running goals for 2009? Do you want to finish a race? Get fit? Run faster? Run Greener? Run while pregnant? You can do anything – just put your mind to it. Continue reading

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