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Increasing Distance, Not Pain

Increasing your long distance runs each week should be done methodically. What to do before, during, and after your runs. By Alix Shutello I was at .84 miles on the treadmill when the first bead of sweat started to form on my brow. It was 2:50 PM and I had started my 8 mile run … Continue reading

Get Motivated!

How can one motivate themselves to run? There are times when even I lose my desire to run (that may shock the people who know me).  Let’s face it, with a full-time job, two kids, and other side projects that I am involved in, time for exercise is limited. Running is important enough for me, … Continue reading

Ringing In the New Year

Thanks for being patient while I moved from Blogger to WordPress.  I am considering staying here but we’ll see. A lot depends on formatting and other options but hey, let’s just see how this goes!  It’s about 20 minutes until 2008. I have just opened an account on WordPress to check that site out….don’t know … Continue reading

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