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“There is little evidence that stretching does anything important

“There is little evidence that stretching does anything important” @nytimes #stretching @nytimeswell @RI_magazine Related articles Do you have to stretch before you exercise? ( Hip Stretches to Reduce Tightness and Back Pain ( New Thera-Band Stretch Strap – Innovative Design Helps Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion ( Three-step Stretching System for Improved Performance … Continue reading

Inflexibility Hinders Performance and Causes Injuries

By Alix J. Shutello Are you inflexible? Do you know if you are? Here are some signs. It really hurts when you try to stretch your hamstrings past the ninety degree mark when you are on your back. You cannot touch your toes. Yoga to you is a four letter word. You could be inflexbile. … Continue reading

Treadmill Workouts and Music to Train To

By Alix Shutello Yesterday as I was driving to work I noticed a few crazy souls running in the 20-degree cold. One of them wasn’t even wearing a hat, the other was so bundled up he was barely moving! Now I am dedicated to running as you know, but even I will shun the cold … Continue reading

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