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Women Athletes and Post Partum/Past Baby Knee Injuries

Esther Prins and Christine Saxon both injured their knees in two separate incidents. Esther, a new mother, ran through her pregnancy, Christine, a mother of three, was bed-ridden with her twins during her pregnancy. Each became injured post partum; one while just getting back in shape, the other while training for triathlons. Continue reading


Olympic Mom Takes the Gold

My eyes welled up with tears as I watched Constantina Tomescu run into the Bird’s nest as she finished up the Olympic women’s marathon.  Every four years, I wait in anxious anticipation for the finish of this prestigous race.  While in the marathon we run along the streets with cheering crowds, I cannot imagine how enthralling it … Continue reading

Running Pregnant – Before, During, and After Baby – It’s A No Brainer for Runners

I ran the San Diego marathon two months pregnant with my son Matthew, in 2002.  A month later I hopped on a plane and flew to England for a visit.  My doctor was completely confident with my ability to run the marathon pregnant – I mean, I had been training for six months and was in … Continue reading

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