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Want to Run a Good Distance Run? Drop Your Ego and Go Shorter (NOT!)

Having a good week in terms of sleep, eating, life-related events, and some nice runs during the week will predicate what will happen when you go long. By Alix Shutello For those of you who’ve been with me for the last three years or so you know that I’ll talk about a lot of things … Continue reading

Running Twice or In Phases, Working Hard To Get That Mileage In

I won’t be the only one who tells you that you can run twice a day and potentially double your fitness. Many runners do this to increase aerobic capacity – but doing so requires good planning so that you can recover properly. Training once a day is difficult enough; especially for working parents – especially … Continue reading

On Training: Get That First International Run In

If you have the energy, get off the plane, check in to wherever you are staying and put on your running shoes. I am so proud of myself. Today we landed in Barcelona and I am writing this post literally moments after finishing my first run through the streets of Barcelona. Sure, I didn’t run … Continue reading

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